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  • My new game day shirt for work! I am the only one who got pink!! I’m so happy!

  • It’s just one of those days where I wonder why you are gone. Why you had to leave us. One of those days where I miss you. I miss my uncle. I miss the guy who always cheered me up and made me laugh. I miss his infectious laughter. I miss him showing me new cool music and movies. I miss talking to him in general. My heart is heavy today but I know he wouldn’t want me to be sad. But it’s just so hard not to miss him.

  • I cut my dog Gatsby’s hair. Look he’s smiling now!

  • My sister and I bought the wubble bubble. Which is basically a giant ball that looks and feels like a bubble. Well we went out front to play with it then I swear all the kids in the neighborhood walked over to our drive way and took the ball. I had to walk over and get it then we retreated to the backyard. We agreed that wubble bubble should put on the box ” not for child molesters” because it was so weird how all the kids just showed up.

  • kaylashay:

    I think my sis has turned into a cat lady.
    I’m looking at you, lyndsayraye.


  • catseverywhere:

    Still learning how to cat. It’s a slow process.

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  • Work is so boring.
    Everyone ask questions.

  • Sometimes I get bored at the front desk so I do laundry for entertainment.

  • hicktownprincess:


    marry someone whose laughter sounds better than your favorite song

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  • What if I like my car dirty?

  • Oops, I forgot to put that on anon... <3

    you best get your crap together, my nigga.